Bring me out of prison, that I may give thanks to your name! The righteous will surround me, for you will deal bountifully with me.

psalm 142:7

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If you or someone you know would benefit from a structured, Christian, re-integration program, please send us an application. Get started on the path to a successful future. Our management team will be instantly notified and will contact you about the next steps in the approval process.

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Become a Mentor

Looking for a way to get on the offensive for God’s Kingdom? Consider becoming a mentor for Firm Foundations. Each program participant is assigned a mentor for the term of the program, with a graduation target of six months. Mentors are critical to the ultimate success of each participant, as statistics show three-year recidivism rates for former inmates with mentors drops to just under 9%, as opposed to nearly 65% for those without mentors. When released from prison, many of the mentees have no positive influencers and easily fall into old habits. Your guidance as a part of the Firm Foundations Program will help ensure that these men realize their full potential as they begin living new lives for Christ.


Some of the tasks a mentor is responsible for:


  • Meet with your mentee at least once a week and evaluate their progress in the program. Building a strong relationship of trust is very important; these weekly discussions should focus on the details of the mentees life, including job issues, struggles/temptations, relationships with family and friends, and providing spiritual guidance.
  • Lead your mentee through the assigned program curriculum. We are currently using the initial modules of the Every Man a Warrior curriculum as a basic introduction to how we live our lives as Christian men. Discussions of this material can occur during your regular weekly meeting, or you may schedule a separate time. This study includes homework material that the mentee must complete and be signed off by you.
  • Make sure that your mentee is following all rules outlined in the Code of Conduct and Mentor/Mentee Agreement.
  • Be available to talk and provide sound, Biblical advice if your mentee is struggling or having issues.
  • Help your mentee work out problems including lack of transportation, obtaining identification and employment, attending all parole/treatment meetings, etc.
  • Come to all scheduled corporate Firm Foundations Ministries events and service projects.

If you are interested in mentorship opportunities, let us know HERE.

Lead a Bible Study

Don’t have time to commit to mentorship? Consider leading a Bible study for the FFM program members. Bible studies and life skills workshops are held twice a week at our ministry houses, and we are always looking for good people to impart some knowledge.

If you would be interested in teaching a one-time class, or possibly leading a whole study series, let us know HERE.

Become a Ministry Partner

Our goal as a ministry is not only to provide a stable, Christ-centered aftercare program, but to work closely with other ministries, organizations, and individuals to align and leverage our resources to have the greatest impact for the Kingdom of God. We believe that a Godly generation of leaders will arise from the unlikeliest of places – the prisons – to become the driving force behind a revival of the Christian church in America and around the world.


Do you have skills, talents, or resources that can help us reach this goal together? Consider becoming a Firm Foundations ministry partner. We would love to get to know more about you and what your organization is all about.

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If you are on board with the mission and like what you see, please become a Firm Foundations Builder, moving forward Christ’s mission of saving the lost and redeeming the sinner!

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