Shake yourself from the dust, rise up, O captive Jerusalem; Loose yourself from the chains around your neck, O captive daughter of Zion.

Isaiah 52:2



If a person could be described in one word, Matt’s word would be PASSION. Matt’s life path has been both winding and bumpy –born in Oregon, sent to boarding school in Washington, joined the Navy in California, attended college in Indiana, and went to prison in Arizona – but has been on fire for God’s kingdom since coming to Kansas in 2011. He has battled the demons of addiction and abuse, and knows the hurt and devastation this kind of sin can cause.


Matt Works at P.B.Hoidale, a company that services fuel systems at gas stations, but his true passion is evangelizing and spreading the good news about Jesus Christ –specifically to people that society tends to neglect. He stubbornly counts himself a Raiders fan, and is a huge fan of good barbecue. He thinks American Sniper deserves the Academy Award for Best Picture, and thinks the Wichita skyline at night is a thing of beauty.


As the Executive Director of Firm Foundations,Matt provides the vision and direction for the organization, creates ministry partnerships, conducts interviews, preaches and leads Bible studies, and oversees the mentoring process. He is the passion and driving force of our program,as he has responded to God’s clear direction for his life.


Travis is a lifelong Christian who is about as straight-laced as they come. Born and raised in the Baptist Church, and a native of Wichita, Travis grew up with a solid understanding of the faith. However, instead of remaining complacent and safe inside the church building, he felt God’s call to move out of his comfort zone, and in 2013 launched into prison ministry with Firm Foundations’founder, Matt Thomas.


Travis works full-time at Learjet, as well as coaches high school football and little league baseball. He is a creative type, although extremely detail oriented, and has completed freelance projects that include fine art, graphic design,marketing, voice-over, and copywriting. He is an avid genealogist and family historian (ask him about it sometime). And as far as food goes, for him it’s hard to beat a well-cooked steak and mashed potatoes.


At Firm Foundations, Travis is the Director of Operations. He is responsible for maintaining all ministry records, organizing studies, recruiting mentors, managing curriculum, creating promotional material, and enforcing the guidelines of the program.


Troy is a kid at heart with energy and enthusiasm to match! His eyes were opened to God’s mission for his life back in 2007 with the birth of his oldest son –and he has been striving to bring Jesus to the people ever since. He has been on mission trips to Jamaica, Kenya, and New Orleans, and has a vision to open a camp for troubled youth and disabled children here in Kansas.


While he’s not busy running his own property management business, he finds time to serve other awesome endeavors, such as being a WagonMaster and volunteer for the Wichita River Festival, facility chair of the Wichita Public Library, and board member of the Prairie Fire Marathon, Kansas Sports Hall of Fame, and the District 5 Advisory Board. He is a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan and his dream scenario after retirement would to live in one of the suites at AT&T Stadium. Troy also frequents Red Robin,who he argues has the best hamburgers anywhere, and believes that the Sedgwick County Zoo is the brightest jewel in Wichita’s crown.


As part of Firm Foundation Ministries, Troy is the Director of Housing, and is responsible for all facility maintenance, making sure all program members are adequately furnished with necessities, administers drug tests, and collecting rent payment. He’s also one of our program’s first mentors.

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